'Doll' recently overhauled by Alan Keef Ltd

Computer modelling and subsequent correction of the slide valve and reversing quadrant dimensions to give satisfactory valve events during the recent overhaul of 'Doll' by Alan Keef Ltd provides a good example of our approach to analysing and solving problems. More details…

Problem Analysis and Rectification

Problem analysis and rectification, including computer modelling and physical testing of locomotive performance, is another area where we can provide specialised assistance in a cost-effective manner.

Knowing that a locomotive doesn't steam well or isn't making effective use of the steam generated is one thing, knowing exactly why and designing a cost effective solution to the problem is often quite another. In many cases taking accurate measurements and then using computer modelling techniques to assess the design is sufficient to highlight the cause of a problem but in some cases the dynamic behaviour of the system is just too complex and there is no alternative to instrumentation of the locomotive and recording performance under controlled test conditions. In either case capturing the data and assessing its significance is only the first step, using the results to design a solution which is right first time is where Steam Loco Design's expertise can prove most cost effective.