Dirty but successful, trainee drivers after completing a practical training session with instructor, Ian Gaylor bottom left.

Trainee drivers after a practical training session with instructor, Ian Gaylor

Engine Crew Training Programmes

We can provide custom training programmes or assistance to meet the specific needs of a railway in situations where for example:

  • A training programme needs to be established but there is insufficient expertise internally.

  • A fast track training programme is required to increase the number of available enginemen.

  • There is expertise available internally but guidance is required to prepare a suitable training scheme to suit the particular needs of the line.

  • An independent examination process is required to enable proper assessment of staff for each grade.

  • The line would like to introduce public driver experience courses but has no experience of operating them.

Our courses are designed to train enginemen to a high standard, ensuring that they not only get the best from their locomotives but that high safety standards are achieved.

Where staff cannot spend hundreds of hours accumulating experience in on the job training it is essential that a sound understanding of the principles involved, the potential pitfalls and how to resolve problems is imparted by the training process. We do this using a combination of informal lectures with notes for the candidates, discussion groups and practical training. We can cater for training at any level from cleaner through fireman and driver to instructor.

Our staff are not only engineers but also experienced enginemen bring a wealth of expertise from many years of running programmes for a number of lines.

We can also provide an independent external examination facility for grading staff where required.